Laureates Place

Self-build Community

Oldham Council has granted Planning permission For 9 Eco Homes, in Greenbelt, in Saddleworth. A number of eager self-builders contacted AKAcommunity. We encouraged them to band together, set up a development vehicle for them and sought them an appropriate site in Saddleworth. AKAcommunity then designed the homes and obtained planning for their individual bespoke homes. The application received 60 letters of support, Click this text to be redirected to application on the Oldham Council Planning Website.

Silverstone Residence

Self-Build in Stalybridge

The Silverstone Residence  is an Ecologically sensitive home sat within the greenbelt, on brownfeild land. The self-build home will be buried into the ground, designed to utilise where possible the freely available resources of sunlight throughout the day, it will be constructed with the compressed tyre bale system (PAS 108) and straw bales, that  as well as recycling an industrial by-product  provide huge insulation properties, saving energy for the occupant.

The Forever Home

Self-Build in Diggle

The forever home is a bespoke-house which received planning in 2014, it is planned to be constructed in 2015. The self-build home sits in its greenbelt setting without compromising its location.  The Millea family are passionate about doing this self-build so that they do not have to move away from their beloved Saddleworth in order to live in a home that suits their lifestyles.